Five food experiences you cannot miss in the Prosecco Hills


The Perenzin family specializes in creating refined and drunk cheeses for which it boasts prestigious national and international awards. It has been producing organic cheeses for more than 30 years among the Prosecco DOCG Hills.

You can choose between a “traditional” cheese tasting or the incredible cheese making experience. We believe you have never tasted something like this before!

Their cheese bar is located at only 3 minutes drive from Mani Sagge.


It’s not easy to make your way with something innovative in this huge wine paradise that is the Prosecco area, but they made it! Since 1982 the Andrea Da Ponte Distillery creates masterpieces that they let age up to 12 years. 

Can you believe that their “Manual of Distillation” published in 1986 was the first scientifically documented handbook devoted to the techniques and art of distillation? 

Choose the visit of the distillery or the simple Grappa tasting, but do not miss the amazing Grappa di Prosecco… (we might be a little bit focused when it comes to talk about Prosecco 😉


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Everyone in the area knows the famous and beautiful mill of 1630, but not everybody knows that it’s possible to visit the inside of the building too, with volunteers that will explain to you the cornmeal production process and will show you the millstone functioning: unbelievable!

At the end of the visit you will also have the chance to bring home with you some cornmeal to make your own delicious polenta.

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Tiramisù is one of the specialties that make this area famous around the world, and when you come here tasting it is a must: impossible to resist this goodness!
But in this bakery you cannot only taste the traditional Tiramisù, but even learn how to create this masterpiece with the master pastry chefs: from the dosing of ingredients to the composition of the various layers that alternate between coffee-soaked ladyfingers and fluffy mascarpone cream, not forgetting the final dusting of cocoa.
You should definitely try it with our Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Extra Dry.

As our last suggestion for a lovely gastronomic tour we decided to include a low-cost and last-minute experience that you can totally improvise on your own: an amazing outdoor pic-nic in the Cansiglio valley!

Not far from our beautiful hills you will find this stunning pleateau embedded among the mountains. You can choose to have lunch in one of the little huts that you will find up there, but why not bring a basket with your favorite venetian delicacies and sit on the grass while enjoyng the landscape and the silence?

And don’t forget to bring with you a bottle of your favorite Mani Sagge wine! 😉

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