Five historical city centers perfect for a relaxing stroll


We couldn’t start from anywhere else than Conegliano, the heart of our Prosecco World Heritage Hills. Not everybody knows though, that Conegliano also hides an actual city at only 5 minutes from the hills.

The historical city center runs across Via XX Settembre until it meets with Piazza Cima, perfect place to stop for an aperitif. 

From Piazza Cima you will also find the pedestrian path that will lead you to the ancient castle: do not miss the panoramic view of the city!


Serravalle is the historical part of Vittorio Veneto, also known for the famous battle that happened during IWW which led to the armistice that ended rivalries between Italy and Austro-Hungarian army.

On the main square, Piazza Flaminio, overlook several historical frescoed buildings such as Palazzo della Comunità and the Torre Civica, buildings dating from the period between the 14th and 15th centuries.


The characteristic old town lies on two islands on the Livenza River, along the banks of which are numerous noble palaces from the Venetian period. For this reason it is often nicknamed as Little Venice; also widely used is the appellation Garden of the Serenissima.

Numerous 16th-century palaces make Sacile a Renaissance city: splendid examples are the Loggia Comunale and especially the Palazzo Ragazzoni Flangini Billia.


The Painted City: this is how Pordenone is called, because of the many frescoed palaces that can be admired along the course through the old town.

The city’s heart, with its cafes, patisseries and elegant stores, is ideal for a stroll between shopping and art. The city was the birthplace of the great Renaissance painter Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, better known precisely as “il Pordenone,” whose masterpieces can be seen in St. Mark’s Cathedral and the fine Civic Museum of Art.


Treviso is a very special city, built around a route of canals that intersect giving rise to a unique landscape. 

It’s impossible to summarize Treviso in a few words! 

There are several points of interest and meeting places within the center: from Piazza Dei Signori to the Fish Market, from the Loggia to the city walls: there is never missing a typical osteria where you can enjoy a perfect venetian aperitif. 

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