Magic castles you need to visit in the Prosecco Hills


For centuries it has stood and watched over the city and its lands, even though only part of the original complex has been preserved of the ancient cathedral, the city walls, and the tower still remains the undisputed symbol of the city of Conegliano

The ancient Castle, dating back to the 12th century, is now identified with the Bell Tower, whicH summoned the population and initiated the town council. The Tower is home to the Civic Museum that can be visited up to the top terrace, which consists of a rich picture gallery containing important paintings and frescoes.


A road through trees and hills leads to the ruins of this castle. These were the oldest possessions of the Counts of Collalto. The castle is strategically located to control the passage along the Piave River, between the hills of Susegana and Montello, and was of considerable importance in the Middle Ages, until the ‘donation’ (or annexation) to the Venetian Republic.

A legend has it that Chiara da Camino wife of Rambaldo VIII of Collalto, seized by jealousy, walled up her damsel Bianca da Collalto alive; Bianca’s ghost on certain nights wanders through the ruins wailing!

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San Salvatore Castle is one of the most striking late medieval forts in Europe, where time seems to stand still. A cobblestone avenue leads to the imposing North Gate, crosses the village between crenellated walls and shielded towers, and crossing the drawbridge, drives to the heart of the castle. 

The climb invites a slow detachment from everyday life, the silence and the extraordinary panorama all around immersing you in a unique and exclusive dimension!


Castelbrando, famous castle in Cison di Valmarino is one of the oldest castles in Europe. Now a luxury hotel, it houses six museum itineraries, dedicated to arms, clothes, carriages, music and court life. The castle has always nurtured a rich collective imagination.

The chronicle, mixed with the fervid popular imagination, has provided the raw material for the flourishing of legends, set in the gloomy Middle Ages or in the closest centuries.

Thus, walking through the Old Prison Museum, which is open year-round, one can relive the atmosphere of a court case in the Valmareno feud between the 16th and 17th centuries and even observe the torment chamber. According to legend, on the night of the dead, the sad groans of the souls of those executed in the pit can still be heard.


The Castle, together with the Rocca one of the symbols of the Asolo landscape, dates back to the 10th century A.D. It was the seat of the Venetian podestà and hosted from 1489 to 1510 Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus Jerusalem and Armenia and Lady of Asolo.

Adapted in 1820 due to its poor state of preservation, it became a prison and then from 1932 the site of the City Theater named after Eleonora Duse.

In the castle courtyard is a green space used for summer events and the buildings of the Reata Tower and Civic Tower open from which there is an extraordinary view of the City and the plain.

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