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From the harvest till today we have run a real marathon. We have never stopped, the team has expanded and there are many news: let’s see them one by one!

December 17, 2019

The Harvest

It has been an exciting year, we followed the vineyards with our team at 360 degrees. The care of each details have given us great satisfactions and you could admire the beauty of our grapes.

We are convinced that the quality of a wine born in the vineyard! What a view the grapes in the winery!

In addition It has been exciting to see the restoration of the old rural barn going on while we were harvesting!


We have obtained the “SQNPI” certification for all our vineyards. The acronym means: “National Quality System of Integrated Production”. This is an important recognition, guaranteed by a third party, which ensures consumers the cultivation of products according to agronomic techniques which respect the environment and human health. In fact, we have decided to apply voluntary integrated pest management with selected agronomic and phytosanitary practices, limitations in the choice of phytosanitary products and in the number of treatments.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

Visit Mani Sagge Wine Estate, explore the historical vineyards, fell in love with the Unesco landscape and taste our Prosecco Superiore

A new vineyard: rays of sunshine

Before starting the restoration, we grubbed up a small vineyard and this summer we had replanted a new one. Our wines are unconventional and we have decided to create an exceptional vineyard with a semicircle shape form! The rows are like rays of sunshine embracing the hill. We can’t wait to see these little plants tall, healthy and in production!

A new Wine Estate: Tenuta del Leone

A few minutes from Conegliano there is the Tenuta del Leone, one of the great news of 2019. Beautiful family vineyards, cultivated with passion since my great-grandfather and my grandfather Bortolo. The best of Treviso’s viticulture originates in these lands. It is with great pleasure that I announce you the introduction of Prosecco di Treviso Mani Sagge and Pinot Grigio Mani Sagge in early 2020!

The Extra Brut is coming

We manage the vineyards of Villa Gera, one of the most beautiful symbols of Conegliano. We have decide to create a limited edition for greatest wine lovers. We have collected the grapes separately from the other vineyards, vinified keeping this mass apart and amazing results are coming up in the wine! We want to go as far as the limit with the residual sugar and we are estimating something between 3 and 0 grams. To decide the right way we need some more time, but get ready to taste it at the end of March 2020!

In the meantime you can admire some shots of this incredible vineyard.

Marco Cescon

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