Spring has come and it’s gorgeous!

April 10, 2020

Many of us are obliged to stay at home and a month has passed already. We are among those who can work in this period because vineyards never sleep!

We have almost finished the restoration works and I’m really looking to live all these new spaces together. Many of you have check it out our new website and in particular the wine shop so I want to say a big thank you! The Tasting Kit brings some fresh bubbles in the quarantine to many Mani Sagge friends in Italy as well in Europe.

I’ve decided to share with you some moments from our wine estates. Now you can’t come to Mani Sagge vineyards but Mani Sagge vineyards can arrive in your smartphone!

We have finished to prune all the vineyards. The historical ones require care and attention but then they are able to sustain almost by themselves. In fact these plants have incredible roots, that propagate tens of meters below the ground to find water and nutrients. The grapes coming from these historical vineyards are representative of the land and It makes the wine so unique.

The young vineyards instead have thousands of baby Prosecco plants, which require dedication to support their first steps in our moraine and clayey ground. They are the last to bloom and here you have to select just two gems to set up the plant for next year.

Personally, I’m always touched by the blooming. It’s the symbol of a rebirth, a new chapter both in the plants life both in the humans one. In this exact moment we need to see the beginning of a new life, the call of a positive future and in our vineyards you can enjoy this right sensation.

I will share lot of moments from the wine estates here in the blog although I can’t wait to do it in person together while toasting or walking inspired by the beauty of these iconic Unesco hills!

Marco Cescon

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