The art of wine making

A family passion for over a century

We want to offer to people the opportunity to live the beauty of this place all year round and to discover the meaning of Prosecco Superiore

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mani sagge WINE ESTATE

Between a millenary heritage and UNESCO landscape, we obtain our best Prosecco Superiore

Our Excellences: Prosecco Superiore Mani Sagge DOCG Rive di Manzana Brut & Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Extra Dry

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Gardens Castle

A masterpiece vineyards. A symbol of Conegliano: 43% slope & 100% Handmade

Our Excellence: Prosecco Superiore Mani Sagge DOCG Audace Extra Brut

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Just the best grapes

We have created an unconventional Prosecco Superiore, at the absolute top of quality, from Historical Wine Estates, which are landmarks of the territory, combining craftsmanship and sustainable production methods

Lions Wine estate

In the heart of Treviso land, a wine estate dedicated to Veneto wines

Our Excellences: Prosecco Tenuta del Leone DOC Treviso Extra Dry and Pinot Grigio Tenuta del Leone

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Low Impact Protocol

Wine-making means respect the people, protect the environment and maintain the habitat for the animals. We are focusing on reduce our impact because there is just one amazing Earth!

scientific research

Historical DNA on new plants


National Quality System of Integrated Production

360 VIEW

Take care of the environment, animals & plants

high technology

Less Chemical Treatments